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The problems with going mobile

As mobile data traffic continues to rise, more and more web developers are creating content for these platforms and their oft tiny screens.

But simply porting existing web content to a smaller screen size or using new CSS media selectors to target various devices will miss huge marketing potential to tap into device-specific features that’ll benefit your audience. And it may cause unnecessary problems for your users in terms of data transfer and performance.

CloudFour warns of the pitfalls: why add more code to your pages to support devices that usually have more restricted bandwidth limitations than a desktop? It’s far better to design for the device and intended audience than it is to port.

Yes it may be more expensive than a simple port, but it comes down to a simple choice: do you want mobile users to enjoy using your site or go elsewhere because it’s too slow or difficult to navigate?

Of course, we at TXP Builders always take your customers’ needs into account and deliver what best fits your demographic :-)

13 August 2010, 12:23 · Stef Dawson

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