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Conference planning is a team effort between the organisers, the venue, technicians and a large number of contributors. Very often the conference programme evolves over time and changes can occur at short notice. In addition to advertising and informing about the conference, this homepage provides a central reference point for the conference team and a place to coordinate the organisation of the sessions, workshops, tours, exhibitors and speakers.

Each session and each speaker has a profile of its own with public details and internal organisational information. These are interlinked with one another and used to generate the programme and session information automatically. Changes can be made at any time and are immediately visible throughout the site, both for the public pages as well as the internal area for the conference team.

A custom back-end area, including a drag-and-drop scheduling tool, was devised so that the organisation’s staff, who are based in different countries, could manage the conference themselves. A second internal area provides a central file store and organisational information for external partners such as the venue.

Visit the site: internationalspa.org

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